What is Lifestyle Photography?

Lifestyle photography is an informal approach to portrait photography.  Its less about looking at the camera and smiling and more about capturing the essence of your family and those meaningful, in-between moments that you didn't even realize you missed. It's about documenting who you are as a family at this moment in time. It's about having fun and letting loose. But most importantly, it's about telling your story in the most real, raw and beautiful way possible.


Typically, lifestyle shoots take place in the comfort of your own home where the kids are in their element and memories are meant to be made. Think kids jumping on beds or playing with bubbles, daddies throwing them in the air or mommies reading them stories. 

I often get these types of questions:

1. What if the inside of my house isn't picturesque?

The best way to make any home shine in my lifestyle sessions is to capture the happiness of your family in a natural light setting. You and your family are the main focus, and your home is merely the backdrop.


2. What if my child doesn't cooperate?

My experience is that kids are actually more cooperative when they are in the comfort of their own home. They always warm up to me after a playful session of, "lets check out your room" or "show me your favorite toys." Then the fun really begins :) Kids will be kids. There may be a few tears but my biggest advice is to relax and not worry too much. Kids pick up on parents anxiety so letting go will lead to the best sessions.  

3. Can we still get a tradition picture of everyone looking at the camera?

Of course!! We'll organically work your favorite traditional poses into our session.

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